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Cat’s jumping and landing Ability

Cat’s are excellent jumpers and a great at gauging risk but despite the care they usually tak..

Cat Instincts Explained

Cats are born with certain instincts which are common across the species. They are by nature no..

Cat’s Climbing and Jumping Ability

Cats are graceful and precise movers at all times whether walking calmly or exploding into acti..

Cat’s Hearing and Ears

A cat’s excellent hearing is the “Yang” that goes with their superior “Ying” of night..

Cat Vision – how they see in the dark.

Whilst cat’s certainly have excellent night vision typical of nocturnal hunters, this doesn..

Cat Life Expectancy and Life Cycle

Expect your cat to have a life expectancy of roughly 12 to 15 years.  Some may survive much lo..

Your Cat’s Fur / Coat

Cats are perhaps most admired for the sleek coats which is also the primary means for identific..

Cat’s Teeth – Hunting and tearing teeth

Wild cats and domestic cats allowed to hunt feed by tearing pieces of flesh from their prey an..

Chartreux Cat

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An indoor or Outdoor Kitten or cat?

Deciding when your kitten should be allowed outside is a two part questions. First… is it ..

Ideal Weight for your cat

Cat weights don’t vary among the domestic varieties nearly as much as dogs… but there is st..

Training your kitten or Cat

Cat’s lack the pack behaviour of dogs which makes training dogs inherently easier.  That is ..

Colourpoint Shorthair Cat

The colourpoint shorthair is in essence a Siamese cat with point colours others than seal, ch..

Vaccinations for your Kitten or Cat

Just as parents choose what to vaccinate their children for, or even if to vaccinate them at al..

Cat’s and Taste

The senses of smell and taste are closely linked for many animals, but especially so in cats. ..

What is a furball?

Hairballs develop in your cats stomach as a result of the self-cleaning.  Your cat will lick t..

Feeding your Kitten

When your new kitten arrives in your home, it should already be fully weaned but it will still ..

Heatstroke in Cats

Cat's are especially prone to heat stroke because like dogs, they lack the ability to cool thei..

A Cat’s use of Touch – Nose Paws Whiskers

A cat’s sense of touch is one of its least well developed sense – but it’s more a case of..

Worms in Cats – worming your kitten

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]THE OCICAT BEARS a superficial resemblance to the Egyptian M..

Grooming your Cat

All the cats, from lions to the smallest domestic cat are fastidious about their cleanliness. ..


The Burmilla originated in the United Kingdom in 1981 through an accidental breeding of a Chinc..

Blindness in Cats

This may mean limited vision, of total lack of vision. Symptoms Your cat may bump into fur..

California spangled cat

The California spangled cat is a spotted cat with the appearance of a wild cat. Bred to resembl..

British Shorthair Cat

The British Shorthair is a natural breed that has not been altered to suit a breeder's whims, i..

Burmese Cat

The Burmese makes an excellent pet. It has a sleek, shorthaired coat that is very easy to groom..

Bombay Cat

The Bombay has been described as a 'mini black panther' with a coat of patent leather and coppe..

British Blue Shorthair Cat

The British Blue Shorthair Cat, with its light blue, plush coat, is the most popular of all..

British Cream Shorthair

The British Cream Shorthair is a very attractive variety, but comparatively rare. The coat shou..

Choosing a cat

There are many different types of cat from which to choose and they come in a variety of shapes..

Children and Pet Loss

Depending on their age, children react differently to the death of a pet. For many it will be t..

Feline Enteritis

This is inflammation of the intestines, causing diarrhoea. Symptoms Diarrhoea, and signs of..

Ear Health and Conditions in Cat

Ear Mites These are insect parasites very common in cats. Symptoms Persistent ear-scratchi..

Common Cat Ailments – Diabetes, Chlamydia & Diarrhea 

Diabetes insipidus in Cats This renders the body incapable of regulating the use of water. ..

Feline infectious peritonitis FIP

Caused by a virus that affects cat under about three years of age, this infection is known to s..

Environment and safety for your kitten

Being naturally bold and curious - the world inside and outside the home is one big exciting pl..

Devon Rex

The Devon Rex emerged in England during the 1960's. Known for their odd, striking appearance an..

Egyptian Mau

When you look at an Egyptian Mau, or catch sight of one out of the corner of your eye, they sho..

European Shorthair Cat

The European shorthair cat remains veiled in obscurity. It is presumed to be directly descendan..

Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex has no hair except for down. Most cats have three types of hair in their coats:..

Feline Digestive system

The cat's digestive system is adapted for a meat-eating hunter that may not always be successfu..

Cymric Cat

The Cymric's unique appearance distinguishes it from other cats it has no tail, but it diff..

Exotic Shorthair Cat

If you like the docile nature of the Persian but do not have the time to groom a longhaired cat..

Havana Brown Cat

The American Havana Brown is a very active and highly intelligent cat. It loves people and ne..

Korat Cat

THE KORAT IS ANOTHER cat that comes with a long legendary history. A natural breed, it comes in..

Halitosis bad breath in Cats

This is one of the most common mouth problems suffered by cats; most show symptoms before they ..

Kidney renal Failure in Cats

Kidney failure is probably the most common problem seen in elderly cats. It is also a symptom o..

Feline leukemia virus FeLV

This viral infection affects the cat's immune-response system. Symptoms Lethargy, high temp..

Feline influenza feline respiratory disease/cat flu

Flu in cats is not uncommon and, in houses where more than one cat lives, and particularly in c..