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Cat’s jumping and landing Ability

Cat’s are excellent jumpers and a great at gauging risk but despite the care they usually tak..

Cat Instincts Explained

Cats are born with certain instincts which are common across the species. They are by nature no..

Cat’s Climbing and Jumping Ability

Cats are graceful and precise movers at all times whether walking calmly or exploding into acti..

Cat Vision – how they see in the dark.

Whilst cat’s certainly have excellent night vision typical of nocturnal hunters, this doesn..

Cat Life Expectancy and Life Cycle

Expect your cat to have a life expectancy of roughly 12 to 15 years.  Some may survive much lo..

Your Cat’s Fur / Coat

Cats are perhaps most admired for the sleek coats which is also the primary means for identific..

Training your kitten or Cat

Cat’s lack the pack behaviour of dogs which makes training dogs inherently easier.  That is ..