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Cat’s Teeth – Hunting and tearing teeth

Wild cats and domestic cats allowed to hunt feed by tearing pieces of flesh from their prey an..

An indoor or Outdoor Kitten or cat?

Deciding when your kitten should be allowed outside is a two part questions. First… is it ..

Cat’s and Taste

The senses of smell and taste are closely linked for many animals, but especially so in cats. ..

A Cat’s use of Touch – Nose Paws Whiskers

A cat’s sense of touch is one of its least well developed sense – but it’s more a case of..

Children and Pet Loss

Depending on their age, children react differently to the death of a pet. For many it will be t..

Choosing a cat

There are many different types of cat from which to choose and they come in a variety of shapes..

Cat Paws and Claws

A cat's claws(five on the front paws, four on the back) - are a cat’s primary hunting weapons..

Feline senses

The nervous and sensory systems of the cat are essential to his health and well-being. Percepti..

Cat’s and sense of Smell

After their sense of site, a cat’s sense of smell is perhaps its most sensitive and important..

Feline Hearing – How well can your Cat hear?

Feline hearing is exceptionally well developed, and cats can hear noises that are quite inaudib..

Time to say goodbye to your old Cat

Eventually the older cat sleeps more and more, and is increasingly reluctant to exercise. He ma..

Why pet Cats Die

There are two reasons for a cat dying: 1. Sudden death through accident or illness. 2  Eut..

Why do cats make good pets?

Throughout Europe, the USA and Australia, cats now outnumber dogs as the most popular pet. Like..

Eyes, ears and nose and your Cat

The eyes should be clear, bright and free from discharge. Some breeds of cat with 'typey' facia..

Bathing your cat

Cats do not usually need bathing in fact, most hate being wet at all, so you may never in fact ..

Cats and Travel

There are going to be occasions when you will need to be away from home for holidays, visiting ..

The feline body

The feline body is a remarkable feat of natural engineering that has evolved into an animal pos..

Feline Muscular system

Muscular system Overlying the skeletal framework is a complex network of muscles that gives th..

Routine Health Care for your Cat

Knowing your cat, and his usual behaviour, will help you recognize when something is not quite ..