Category: Cat Health

Cat’s Hearing and Ears

A cat’s excellent hearing is the “Yang” that goes with their superior “Ying” of night..

Ideal Weight for your cat

Cat weights don’t vary among the domestic varieties nearly as much as dogs… but there is st..

Vaccinations for your Kitten or Cat

Just as parents choose what to vaccinate their children for, or even if to vaccinate them at al..

What is a furball?

Hairballs develop in your cats stomach as a result of the self-cleaning.  Your cat will lick t..

Heatstroke in Cats

Cat's are especially prone to heat stroke because like dogs, they lack the ability to cool thei..

Worms in Cats – worming your kitten

The great Australian backyard has long been the domain of the Australian cat hunting its prey..

Grooming your Cat

All the cats, from lions to the smallest domestic cat are fastidious about their cleanliness. ..

Blindness in Cats

This may mean limited vision, of total lack of vision. Symptoms Your cat may bump into fur..

Feline Enteritis

This is inflammation of the intestines, causing diarrhoea. Symptoms Diarrhoea, and signs of..

Feline Digestive system

The cat's digestive system is adapted for a meat-eating hunter that may not always be successfu..

Ear Health and Conditions in Cat

Ear Mites These are insect parasites very common in cats. Symptoms Persistent ear-scratchi..

Common Cat Ailments – Diabetes, Chlamydia & Diarrhea 

Diabetes insipidus in Cats This renders the body incapable of regulating the use of water. ..

Feline infectious peritonitis FIP

Caused by a virus that affects cat under about three years of age, this infection is known to s..

Feline influenza feline respiratory disease/cat flu

Flu in cats is not uncommon and, in houses where more than one cat lives, and particularly in c..

Halitosis bad breath in Cats

This is one of the most common mouth problems suffered by cats; most show symptoms before they ..

Cat Fleas, Ticks, Worms, lice & Mites

The most common parasite your cat is likely to come into contact with is the cat flea. If your ..

Kidney renal Failure in Cats

Kidney failure is probably the most common problem seen in elderly cats. It is also a symptom o..

Feline leukemia virus FeLV

This viral infection affects the cat's immune-response system. Symptoms Lethargy, high temp..

Complementary Therapies for Cats

More and more vets are now adopting a natural approach when treating sick animals, cats include..

Caring for the Older senior cat

A cat can be considered old when he starts to take things easy and spends more time than usual ..

Constipation – Cats suffer it too.

Symptoms A cat producing extremely dry faeces, or straining to defecate, is probably constipat..

Arthritis in Cats

This causes inflammation of the joints. There are two forms of arthritis that may affect cats ..

Cats with Exercise Intolerance

Sometimes a normally active cat will develop problems that make exercise difficult for him. ..

Abnormal water intake in Cats

This is an increased or decreased need to drink water. Symptoms The cat either drinks more ..

Respiratory system of the cats body

In the lungs, gaseous exchange takes place: carbon dioxide from the blood filters into the air ..

Obesity in Cats – Fat Cats!

This problem is not confined to the human population - many owners overfeed and under-exercise..

Feline Skin and Fur

Perhaps the most striking features of a cat’s skin is the amount of it. A cat’s skin when e..

Treating Injuries in Cats

Their great agility and natural cautiousness usually protects the domestic cat from injury, but..

Emergency situations and your Cat

Road accidents As well as checking for obvious signs of injury, inspect the back of the neck f..

Feline emergency situations

Animal bites Cats are at risk from bites by other cats, and by rats. If you suspect your cat h..

Vomiting in Cats

Symptoms A forceful expulsion of the contents of the cat's stomach and/or small intestine th..

Urinary Incontinence in Cats

Symptoms The cat will have 'accidents', particularly when resting. He will not have urinated d..

Applying topical treatments to your cat

Only use treatments prescribed by your vet and apply them as directed. When administering ..

First aid for your Cat

A knowledge of first aid can prove useful, and in some instances essential. Accidents tend to h..

Cat Wounds

An injured cat like a person is likely to first take fright or flight then once the immediate e..