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An indoor or Outdoor Kitten or cat?

Deciding when your kitten should be allowed outside is a two part questions. First… is it ..

Training your kitten or Cat

Cat’s lack the pack behaviour of dogs which makes training dogs inherently easier.  That is ..

Vaccinations for your Kitten or Cat

Just as parents choose what to vaccinate their children for, or even if to vaccinate them at al..

Feeding your Kitten

When your new kitten arrives in your home, it should already be fully weaned but it will still ..

Environment and safety for your kitten

Being naturally bold and curious - the world inside and outside the home is one big exciting pl..

Litter-training your kitten

Usually, a kitten will he litter-trained when ready for rehoming. However, once in his new home..

Taking your cat or kitten to the vet

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]As a rule of thumb you should schedule in a yearly visit to ..

Kitten Care

Your family has decided that you all want a pet cat and are prepared to care for it for perhaps..

Kitten Behaviour

After sleeping and eating, playing rates highly in a kitten's priorities. He will amuse himself..

Trimming your kitten’s claws

Unlike outdoor cats, who are able to keep their claws worn to a reasonable length naturally, ca..

Your Kitten’s Mouth and teeth

Cat's teeth are designed to stab, slice and tear at raw, tough and 'chewy' food rather than ch..

Vaccination for kittens and Cats

Cats, like any other animals, are susceptible to certain viral diseases, some of which can prov..

Why neutering your cat or kitten is a good idea.

A fully mature, unneutered male cat will spend a good deal of his time trying to pass on his ge..

Pregnancy, birth and kitten care

The urge to reproduce and pass genes on to the next generation is strong in unneutered felines,..

Weaning your Kitten

At four weeks, the kittens start to explore outside the nest, and experiment more with solid fo..